The Border Collie

by Yi Jung Chen

Keeping vigil beside me,

adapting to the inclement difficulties around us,

we run wild in the steppe.

Herding the suitor to ensure my safety,

that is your way of loving me.

Letting go of the leash,

our shepherd dog lay down alertly on the picnic blanket.

you patted on her hand and looked back at me.

Ravishing beauty residing in me,

you recognized it before I had pined away.

Striking a match in the middle of night,

you became my knight and savior.

A gentle breeze whispered in my ears,

your hair tinged with shiny grey.

Clinking sounds of our glasses witnessed

a sorrow of infinity in squandering our moments

on trivial matters per day.

Old tricks repeated itself endlessly,

like the streak of white running across the dog’s neck

strikingly marked our bumpy road to the

consummation of our eternity.