STEAMPunks Project Packs-To-Go November 2020: Games!

This month’s STEAM THEME is dedicated to National Game & Puzzle week in November.

Game & Puzzle week coincides with Thanksgiving and cooler weather and family time- in other words, it’s a great time to break out the games and puzzles!

For the STEAMPunks project packs I focused on making your own board game to get you guys thinking creatively and constructively. In my links below, I am focusing on RETRO (or sometimes called CLASSIC) videogaming. These are games and consoles developed in the early 1980’s when personal computers first came on the scene. Last year at the library we had a wonderful event called RETROGAME NIGHT with participants from all kinds of age groups and gaming experience trying out at least ten (or maybe more) classic game consoles and a slew of game choices. We will definitely be holding an event like this again, but not this year. We just added the following books to our collection if you are interested in learning more about retro-gaming or the early days of videogames:

The 100 Greatest Retro Videogames, The Inside Stories Behind The Best Games Ever Made

 The Boy Who Thought Outside the Box, The Story of Videogame Inventor Ralph Baer by Marcie Wessels

We also added the following books about gaming in general:

Zathura by Chris VanAllsburg

Loteria, A Bilingual Board Book by Patty Rodriguez and Arianna Stein

Board Games To Create and Play by Kevan Davis and Viviane Schwartz

The Gauntlet by Karuna Riaza

Who Was That? By Olivier Tallec (This is Beth’s favorite!)

Some of you may be familiar with the following locations but we wanted to make sure you knew about ALL of them!

The Museum of Play in Rochester has an exhaustive collection of classic boardgames, puzzles, videogames, even pinball games- some on display but many are out and available for playing.

Like everything else, Robot City in Binghamton is on special Covid protocols right now but they have an amazing collection of working and playable retro arcade games and classic (and new!) pinball games. They also have a retail business that includes used systems and games that span many generations.

Retro Game Con in Syracuse has been postponed until 2021 but keep it in mind for a family fieldtrip. The price is much more reasonable than many conventions and there is a ton of free playing once you get in and the cosplayers are very cool. For now click on the PRESS tab on the website to see photos from past years- maybe you’ll see Miss Nora wandering around!

This is how Miss Nora spent a lot of time during her Elementary School years- making origami Pacmen of all sizes and colors.

If you don’t know what Pacman is, go here:

All you need is a browser on your computer to play from over a thousand classic videogames for FREE through and their Internet Arcade!

Thank you to the United Way of Greater Rochester and the United Way of Seneca County for making these STEAMPunks Bags-to-Go possible. We are VERY grateful!

Happy Gaming!!