STEAMPunks Project Packs-To-Go: February 2021: Hearts!

Generously sponsored by the United Way of Seneca County!

STEAM Punks Project Packs-to-Go are available by calling 607-582-6218 or emailing

This month we will learn all about hearts in all their

Heart Science:

The Heart Anatomy Song:

Heart song for young kids (kind of like BINGO):

How to Draw a Heart (preschoolers):

How to create a Geometric Polygon Heart:

Art From Her Heart The Story of Folk Artist Clementine Hunter by Kathy Whitehead Read-Aloud (we just got this book at our library!):

Heart “Op Art” Tutorial:

And since its Black History Month, here are some amazing black scientists that I follow and I thought you might find their work as cool as I do!

Tyler Thrasher (chemist/botanist/artist):

Shane Campbell-Staton (evolutionary biologist/professor/podcaster):

Kennda Lynch (astrobiologist/featured in Alien Worlds series on Netflix which was awesome):

Maynard Okereke (engineer/science communicator/host of “The Hip Hop Science Show”:

Earyn McGee (herpetologist/science communicator/creator of “FindThatLizard”:

Corina Newsome (ornithologist/co-organizer of Black Birders Week):

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson (marine biologist/environmental policy expert/co-editor of All We Can Save): (Available at our library!)

Alexis Nikole Nelson (plant expert/wild forager/tik tok star):

Jessica Malaty Rivera (vaccine infodemiologist):

Jonathan C Hall (ecologist/educator:

In our collection we have many books authored by African Americans, stories that are Black-centric, as well as informative and compelling non-fiction regarding history and race. We also have many new books in our children’s collection that celebrate diversity, black visibility and racial identity.

Here are just a few examples but we have a dedicated Black History Month curated rolling cart inside the library and as always we are happy to help you find whatever you are looking for.–pg