Porchside Pickup FAQ

Q: How do I know what’s in Lodi’s collection if I can’t browse the shelves?

  1. Go to our website (www.lodilibrary.net)
  2. Choose “Search the Catalog” at the top of the page.
  3. If you know the specific item or even a title/author, put that into the “Quick Library Search” Box.  This will tell you if our library has it. 
  4. If you don’t have a specific item, you can choose a word like “Mystery”.  You’ll get a listing of all the items we have in our Library that match your request.  We have 1089 items in our library that have Mystery in the title or description!
  5. Once you find something you’d like, chose the “Place a Hold” box on the right side of your screen.
  6. You will need your Library card and pin number to sign in and place the hold.  Don’t know it?  See below!
  7. Once you’ve logged in, you can place that item on Hold for pickup here in Lodi.

Q:  I don’t have a computer and I don’t know exactly what I want.  Can you help?

A:  Sure!  Call 607-582-6218 and leave us a voicemail with the kind of material you’d like.  Maybe you’d like 2 movies with vampires?  Or maybe you’d like 2 cookbooks and 3 children’s books?  No problem!  We would love to curate a Book Bundle for you!  You give us an idea of what you want and we’ll choose items we think you might enjoy. 

Q:  I have a computer but I’d rather just have you pick out my materials.  Can you do that?

A:  We’d be glad to!  Email us at holds@lodilibrary.net and tell us what kind of things you’d like.  Do you want those 2 cookbooks and 3 children’s books?  We can do that!

Q:  I don’t know my Library Card Number

A:  Just call or email-we’ll be glad to look it up for you!

Q:  I have my Library Card Number but I can’t remember my PIN.

A:  We’ll tell you a secret.  Unless you’ve changed it, your PIN is the last 4 digits of the phone number you gave us when you got your card.  If that was several phones ago, we can reset your PIN for you over the phone.  If you reset it sometime in the past, we can’t see what it is, but we can reset to a new number with no problem.

Q: How will I know that my materials are ready for pickup?

A:  If you normally get a text or an email telling you that your material is ready, you’ll still get those.  However, it’ll say to please call us at 607-582-6218 or email us at holds@lodilibrary.net to set up a day and time for your Porchside Pickup. If you normally get a phone call from that “library man,” you will get a phone call from one of us instead.  We’ll be calling to set up a day and time for your Porchside Pickup.

Q: How do we return our materials?

A:  Please put all your returns directly into our outdoor Drop Box.  And PRETTY PLEASE, return all of our materials directly to us.  Since there is no inter-library loan for now, we need our own materials to come home.

Q:  When I turn materials in, they still show up on my Library account.  Why is that?

A: We will quarantine every material that gets returned for a minimum of 96 hours.  So, if you drop your movie in our drop box on a Tuesday afternoon, it’ll be Friday night or even Saturday before it gets checked in.  We are quarantining all returned materials for everyone’s safety.  After the 96 hour mark, your movie will be checked in, reshelved and ready for the next patron to request.

Q:  Will masks be required?

A:  Yes, please wear your mask.  We will be wearing ours. 

Q:  This all seems so complicated!

A:  While not a question-it is certainly the truth.  As we get started, we’re sure there will be hiccups here and there.  As always, we rely on our patrons to let us know if there’s a way that we can make our Porchside Pickup easier for everyone while maintaining the safety protocols that are required.