Octagonal Houses with Walter Gable,

Seneca County Historian! Mr. Gable will be visiting our library on Wednesday February 2nd at 5pm to answer the question: Could a house without right angles offer a better quality of life? He will be leading a presentation about Octagonal Houses in the Finger Lakes. These houses were a unique style popular in the 1850’s in USA and Canada. Mr. Gable will introduce us to local examples of Octagonal Houses and the design attributes that made Octagonal houses desirable. Here is an interview with Mr. Gable from Fingerlakes1 and an article on octagonal houses from Life In the Finger Lakes.

Homer, NY

Walter J Gable is the current Seneca County Historian, who began in this position in late August 2003. He was a high school social studies teacher for thirty-two years prior to becoming the county historian. He has been a life resident of Seneca County. He graduated from the Romulus Central School and earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Syracuse University. As the county historian, he has been working to infuse 21st-century technology into the county historian’s office and to make the position of county historian more visible within the community.

“…there can few architectural objects more characteristic of the nineteenth century in general, and the mid-century in particular, than the octagonal house…”
“It was primarily an experiment pieced together by an amateur, the result of an uninhibited individualism…”
“It is difficult to determine why the popularity of the octagon subsided when it did.”
-Walter Creese, Fowler and the Domestic Octagon

We are honored to have Mr. Gable at our library. Registration is required for this in-person program and space is limited. Please call 607-582-6218 or email director@lodilibrary.net or stop in to register.