Lodi’s Poetry Corner

You may have noticed that the Lodi Library is called the “Lodi Whittier Library”. Named in honor of John Greenleaf Whittier, our Library is committed to keeping Poetry, in all it’s facets, alive here in Lodi.

Please join us as we write, read and discuss poetry of all kinds!

Tails & Tales Summer 2021 poetry.prose.photography

Thank you to the following artists who submitted poetry, prose and photographs for our Summer 2021 Tails & Tales Collection. Please follow the links to view their submissions.

Joseph A. Farina https://lodilibrary.net/cadenzas-cat/

Judith Pratt- Prose https://lodilibrary.net/my-friend-ping/

Judith Pratt – Photographs https://lodilibrary.net/photo-submission-by-judith-pratt/

Yi Jung Chen https://lodilibrary.net/the-border-collie/

M.V.L. Narasamamba https://lodilibrary.net/cattitude/

Carol Mikoda https://lodilibrary.net/water-snake-serenity-by-carol-mikoda/

John Henderson https://lodilibrary.net/i-did-not-mow-the-lawn-that-day-by-john-henderson/

Judy Swann https://lodilibrary.net/desert-alien-by-judy-swann/

Nancy DaFoe https://lodilibrary.net/photo-submissions-by-nancy-dafoe/

Harry McCue https://lodilibrary.net/chickens-by-harry-mccue/

Nora Snyder https://lodilibrary.net/foxy-by-nora-snyder/

Kelli Lage https://lodilibrary.net/hannah-by-kelli-lage/ and https://lodilibrary.net/guarded-by-kelli-lage/

We ended our Summer 2021 Tails & Tales event by sharing our work on September 24th via Zoom. Thank you to all who were able to attend and participate! To view the event on our YouTube channel, click here.