Finding the Poetry in Prose: A Prose Poetry Workshop and Open Reading with published author Nancy Dafoe

The Workshop will be held on Saturday February 20th from 11-1 via Zoom.

The Open Reading will be held Saturday February 27th from 11-1 via Zoom.

To register email or call 607-582-6218.

Join us at the Lodi Whittier Library for a Prose Poetry Journey!

You start with a detour before you’ve begun, already turning up a mountain pass, guard rails missing, yet you proceed in this journey toward creating the prose poem.

This creative writing workshop offers a road map for helping participants find their way in creating original prose poetry. The mini-course begins with definitions and the inherent paradox of the genre and moves into models, techniques, resources, with greatest emphasis on workshop writing. Your guide will be writer/poet Nancy A. Dafoe.

Dafoe, a nationally awarded writer in poetry, prose poetry, and fiction, has taught at the high school and college level. She has published ten books, including two books of poetry.

The Workshop will take place over zoom on Saturday, February 20th from 11:00 – 1:00.

On the next Saturday February 27th, 11:00-1:00, there will be a conclusion to the workshop and an open reading for participants, including a reading by Ms. Dafoe of her own work.

Call 607-582-6218 or Email to register for this exciting literary odyssey! The Facebook link for the event is:

Explore Nancy’s works at:

Here are links to Nancy’s books that we have here at the Lodi Whittier Library. If you need help taking them out (for delivery to Lodi or any of our other 32 libraries in the FLLS system), please let us know!

An Iceberg in Paradise: A Passage through Alzheimers:

You Enter a Room:

Murder on the Ponte Vecchio:

Both End in Speculation:

The Innermost Sea:

This event is co-sponsored by Poets & Writers Inc.
through public funds it has received from the NYS Council on the Arts
with the support of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the NYS Legislature.