Celebrate American Landscapes with Paul Dudley Bishop Oct. 7

Join us for a reading, presentation, refreshments and Q&A with artist, photographer and poet Paul Dudley Bishop. He will share his newest publication with Light and Shadow Publishing & Illustrating, A Sense of Landscape. This work is inspired by landscapes in Bishop’s travels on the East Coast, Western United States, and right here in the Finger Lakes Region. This event is of course free and open to all thanks to funding in part by Poets & Writers with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

“I feel as if I have had a love affair with landscapes ever since early childhood.  The connection for me has always been a most intimate feeling and perhaps losing my sense of self is not unlike the feeling one can experience when in love with another human. Wandering in wild unfamiliar places fills me with wonder and amazement and is always comforting.  I began my landscape affair in my birth place of Virginia and continued it as we visited the rural Finger Lakes region of Schuyler County. The contrasts were obvious but my feelings similar. The rolling hills of New York naturally had an enfolding quality that imparts comfort.  I will attempt my explanation through use of poetry.”

-Paul Dudley Bishop

Artist Bio:

Artist, poet and prose writer, Paul Dudley Bishop, has been a nature lover all of his life. After graduating with Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry/Wildlife Ecology from the University of Florida, he worked as a wildlife technician, a wild plant specialist, and a naturalist and teacher; he eventually began writing poetry and articles about the wild places he frequents in Florida, New York and the Western US. His published writings have included: The Vanishing Wildlife of Florida (1980), Endangered Wildlife of Florida (1980); “The Mountains of Georgia and North Carolina (Color/Study Books). In 1996, his Wildwings & Things, and Story of Gypsy Blue were published. Chapbooks of poetry, “Walking the Grasslands” (2002) and “The Spectral Ground” were both published by Dawn Carnahan Colburn. Light and Shadow Publishing & Illustrating published his chapbooks, “Gathering the Sun” (2005), “Stone is a Thing We Do Not Remember” (2010),””The Florida Years, a small format art book, including copies of bird art prints and prose springing from his years in Florida as a bird artist, and “A Sense of Landscape” (2018), a small format book of his photographs and art work and poems, celebrating American landscapes he has walked and traveled.