Cattitude by M.V.L. Narasamamba

One fine day my daughters brought a cat from the shelter. He was sick when he came and also he hated meds. Somehow with great difficulty, we managed. Gradually he started learning how to befriend the family head. And of course we taught him how to use the litter box and food. Most of the times when he slept, he needed human touch, may be for warmth. As the years passed by, he learned how to mark his territory, how to walk away when we over pampered him, and also how to ask for food without wasting even one meow. By the way it is four and half years now and we are all well trained about how to understand and interpret his mere looks. We all came to know about all his needs etc. But interestingly we are yet to know how to stay silent throughout the day though. And yes, that is his attitude.

Last but not the least, presently, we are all still under training by HIM.