A World of Apples, October 8th

Come learn about the magic and beauty of apples. The myths, stories, and cultural place they hold in our hearts and minds makes apples one of the most revered and appreciated fruits we know. From the large cultivated orchards to smaller boutique orchards to the wildings we find across the landscape, the diversity of apples across the globe is something is takes a lifetime – maybe two! – to appreciate.

Mike has spent nearly 40 years in agriculture – working mostly with orchards, vineyards, and specialty crops. A passion for sustainable agriculture has evolved into a profound dedication to the principles and practices of ecologically-focused, biodynamically-driven farming. The last fifteen years I’ve worked as a consultant to novice and seasoned farmers and gardeners of all types and on all aspects of managing regenerative and integrated farmscapes. Apples have been the core of my career and something that are truly magical and wondrous beyond comprehension to this day.